City of Sartell to Release Water Ban

For Immediate Release: June 14, 2021

The City of Sartell released the water ban at 3 pm today. At that time the Splash Pad will be in full operation and property owners will be allowed to use irrigation systems based on the odd/even yard sprinkling Ordinance.

The City of Sartell asks that property owners abide by the odd/even yard sprinkling Ordinance. The odd/even yard sprinkling schedule was implemented in 1999 and asks residents who live at an even-numbered address to only use their irrigation systems on even-numbered dates, and residents who live at an odd-numbered address to use irrigation systems on odd-numbered dates. For example, if your address is 625 XYZ Street, your watering day would be on an odd-numbered calendar day (i.e. June 21st). The City of Sartell asks for full cooperation in this schedule to avoid another water ban. Failure to comply with the schedule will result in a citation. This ordinance does not apply to any type of well system.

The recent water ban was put in place because our water levels were at a dangerously low level. This happens for many reasons:

The drought conditions in Minnesota have subsided but are not gone. Therefore, complying with the odd/even yard sprinkling schedule is very important along with some other ways we can conserve water together as a community:

The water ban was put in place Wednesday June 9. Due to low water levels, residents were asked to stop using irrigation systems at that time and the splash pad was shut down. As of 3 pm today, the ban is lifted. If you would like to subscribe to City of Sartell updates moving forward, please subscribe here:

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