City of Sartell following the DNR’s Lead and Requiring Residents and Businesses to Take Additional Precautions During Drought


The City of Sartell is continuing to follow guidance from the MN DNR through the drought warning currently in place.

To avoid a complete water ban and to preserve the City’s drinking water supply, as well as ensure fire safety, the City of Sartell is reminding residents of the following restrictions already in place:

  • Maximum irrigation schedule of two-days per week
    • Even house numbers (example: 132 Test Ave.)- water Monday/Thursday from 9 PM to 3 AM for up to one hour
    • Odd house numbers (example: 133 Test Ave.)- water Tuesday/Friday from 9 PM to 3 AM for up to one hour
  • In addition, the splash pad will ONLY be open Saturday and Sunday from 11AM-6PM

Thank you to those residents who have been following the two-day per week maximum irrigation schedule that the City has been encouraging. However, due to current conditions not improving, all residents and businesses are now required to take these additional steps to help maintain water levels and avoid extreme restrictions and a citation. The Sartell City Council will review water usage levels on August 9th and if the City is unable to meet MN DNR requirements a full ban will be implemented. We ask you to please do your part to help meet the MN DNR requirements. Citations will be issued for non-compliance.

Additionally, the MN DNR is recommending eliminating any non-essential outdoor water use, especially lawn irrigation, power washing buildings, car washing, and swimming pool filling.

Residents and businesses can apply for a watering exemption at City Hall. All applications will be sent to the Public Works Director for final inspection and approval. Please allow 48 hours for the exemption to be delivered to your residence.

Again, this is a MN DNR requirement, and as a partner with the MN DNR, the City of Sartell is complying. We ask for your full cooperation in the irrigation schedule to avoid a full water ban.

If you have any questions please reach out to John Kothenbeutel: