On October 11, 2021, the Sartell City Council approved a Purchase Agreement (PA) for 167 acres along 4th Avenue South that is currently owned by AIM Development, LLC. AIM Development, LLC purchased the Paper Mill site and this additional 167 acres from Verso in 2013.

The goal of this PA was to obtain control of the former Verso landfill on 4th Avenue South, which AIM Development, LLC proposed to reopen as an industrial landfill as confirmed with MPCA permit filings. Given the landfill’s location in the heart of Sartell and proximity to the Mississippi River, the City had been in litigation with AIM Development, LLC. since 2016 to prevent this from happening.  The City of Sartell intends to either exhume or close the landfill, plat the land, and sell the property for future development to recoup the purchase costs.

Since the original Purchase Agreement from October 2021, amendments were requested to the agreement by both parties and is coming back to the City Council for approval. If the Purchase Agreement is approved by the City and AIM Development, LLC, both parties will have 60 days to meet the proposed conditions and proceed to closing. 

The requested amendment to the Purchase Agreement from the City was to include the former Verso Paper Mill site, which is also owned by AIM Development, LLC. The original Purchase Agreement required that AIM Development, LLC. plat that property in preparation for a known sale to a private party for future development. However, the amended Purchase Agreement approved tonight does include the former Verso Paper Mill site, for property west of the railroad tracks. The property east of the railroad tracks is currently under a lease between AIM Development, LLC and Solid Rock Family Church. Please reference the map below for clarification on the properties included in this amended PA. The properties will be held by the Sartell Economic Development Authority.

The future of the Verso Paper Mill site is unknown at this time and will be dependent on environmental reviews and development interest. Obtaining ownership is the first step in what will likely be a multi-year redevelopment of a core property within the City. The Sartell City Council is confident that this decision will protect the best assets of our community- our residents! We are grateful to finally be able to focus on redevelopment and future plans for these properties.