The City of Sartell is proud to announce a flat property tax rate for 2022. City Council and City staff made a flat tax rate a top priority for our property owners and have worked hard budgeting to make it happen.

Property taxes encompass three parts: City Tax, School Tax, and County Tax. The City of Sartell is keeping the City tax portion at a flat rate. Historically, the City of Sartell has kept its portion of taxes lower than most of the surrounding cities and will continue to do that for 2022. City property tax is used for services such as: streets, police and fire services, parks, snowplowing, community center amenities, disability access, and more.

If a property’s market value has increased, property owners will see an increase in taxes in the City Tax portion. The City does not control the market value of a property- that is done at the County level by local assessors. Valuation notices from the County are typically sent out in the spring for the following year. Please reach out to your county assessor with any questions on the valuation of your property.

Please note, proposed tax statements from the county will be coming out in November.

For questions on City of Sartell Property taxes please reach out to the Finance Director, Rob Voshell: