Welcome to Sartell Police Department’s Virtual Community Outreach Page!

We are excited to announce that SPD Virtual Community Outreach is now up and running. In this current time of uncertainty our officers want to stay connected with our Sartell families and residents.

We want to interact with you! How? Each week on Monday and Thursday, we will release a video, activity or challenge for families and residents to do. The activities will remain a surprise until they are released, so you will have to check back to the Sartell City Website each week to see what we have in store for you!

Please respond and share your feedback through our email: vco@sartellmn.com. This allows us to better monitor our messages and respond in a timely fashion. We appreciate your cooperation with this and look forward to interacting with you!

Weekly Activities

Week 1

Monday, April 6th

With parent’s permission gather the following:

  • Old magazines from around your home that are okay to cut up
  • Scissors
  • Glue Sticks
  • Base: construction paper, tag board, old shoe boxes, etc.

Once you have the materials needed for this project, begin paging through your magazines and cut out anything that makes you HAPPY! Using the glue stick paste all things that make you HAPPY on to your base.

This project is intended to help you focus on things that bring you joy and put a smile on your face. Once you have completed your collage, and get your parent’s permission, feel free to send us a photo of you and your project to vco@sartell.com to be showcased on our website next week.

Shown above is Reserve Officer Radi’s collage. A few things that make her HAPPY are: working out, family, fishing, cooking, dogs, painting, flowers, baseball, etc.

Thursday, April 9th

Just because you’re sheltering in place doesn’t mean you can’t stay active.

And thanks to Sartell resident and fitness expert, Dayna Deters (owner of Dayna Deters Determined Fitness), it is more fun than ever!

Click below for a fun, family-friendly workout.

With parent’s permission, feel free to send us a photo of you doing the workout to vco@sartell.com

Week 2

Monday, April 13th

Sidewalk Chalk. We want to see your best designs!

Here is a local family’s masterpiece, designed with nothing more than a rope and level!

We would love to see your designs too! Please email your masterpiece to: vco@sartellmn.com 

Thursday, April 16th

Please join Reserve Officer Cole Thoma and Patrol Officer Jordan Miller for story time!

Week 3

Monday, April 20th

Our officers are always finding ways to stay active.

Join Officer Batterberry — Drop and give us 10!

With your parent’s permission, send us a video of your 10. Please email your video to: vco@sartellmn.com

Thursday, April 23rd

Calling all kids! Show your creativity and you may be a prize winner! With your parent’s permission, print this coloring sheet and use your favorite crayons, markers or colored pencils to color it in. We can’t wait to see your creativity! Submit a photo of your finished project (along with your name and age) to our email at vco@sartellmn.com. The deadline for entry is Monday, April 27th at 5 PM. Winners will be announced at the end of next week.

Copy and paste the following link into your browser to access the printable coloring sheet.


Week 4

Monday, April 27th

Today we will be starting a weekly guessing game! It’s called: Guess where the officer is! Every Monday you have the chance to guess the location of one of our officers.

Today’s photo features Community Service Officer Katie Wild. Guess the officer’s location within our city for a chance to win a prize.

Email your weekly guess to vco@sartellmn.com by Thursday each week and you may be a winner!

Thursday, April 30th

Do you like getting snail mail? Of course you do! (Especially if it’s not the water or electric bill, right?) Today’s activity is a way you can stay connected with someone you love. You’ll need a pen, paper, a stamp, and a few minutes to write a letter. Yes, snail mail! We challenge you (no matter how young or old you are) to write a letter to a loved one asking how they are feeling and what they’re doing to stay active during the quarantine. And you can always invite them to participate in our twice-a-week activities on the Sartell Virtual Community Outreach page, even if they don’t live in our city limits. We welcome everybody to join in the fun!

Week 5

Monday, May 4th

Round two of Guess where the officer is!

HELP! Reserve Officer Radi is on the wrong end of a hungry, hungry hippo! Where is she? Can you guess the location? Please send us your answers so we can go rescue her.

Every Monday you have the chance to guess the location of one of our officers. Email your weekly guess to: vco@sartellmn.com by Thursday each week and you may be a winner!

Thursday, May 7th

Today’s activity is a video tour of one of Sartell Police Department’s new squad cars. A special thanks to Sergeant Kelly Mader for showing us around!

Week 6

Monday, May 11th

Peek-a-boo! We see you. Can you guess where Officer Bonfield is? Email your best guess to vco@sartellmn.com by Thursday for a chance to win a prize.

Thursday, May 14th

Happy Thursday!

On Monday, we released our third “Where is the officer?” contest. This week’s winners are Autumn (Becky Brovitch) and April Benner. Officer Bonfield was by the blue bridge in Watab Park. Thanks to all who participated. Keep checking in to the Sartell City’s website and our Virtual Community Outreach page for more activities every Monday and Thursday.

For today’s activity, we challenge you to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. Our officers are always looking for new ways to stay active. Sometimes we take walks or shoot hoops. Other times we lift weights or go fishing. We would love to see what you are doing to stay active too! With your parent’s permission, email us an action shot of you. Our email address is: vco@sartellmn.com

Community Service Officer Wild and Reserve Officer Radi like to play catch in the backyard! (So does Bernie).

Week 7

Monday, May 18th

Officer Lane is on the move! What is her location? Email your best guess to vco@sartellmn.com

Thursday, May 21st

Please watch the video below for instructions on today’s activity!

Week 8

Monday, May 25th

Throwback! Can you guess where Reserve Officers Thoma and Radi were supporting Sabre Athletics this past fall? Email your best guess to vco@sartellmn.com

Thursday, May 28th

Below is a message from Reserve Officer Jeff Miller.

Week 9

Monday, June 1st

Happy Monday! We are kicking off this week with another “Guess where the officer is” contest. School Resource Officer Lundquist is excited for summer and is ready to get outside and enjoy the sunshine in nature. Where is she? Email your best guess to vco@sartellmn.com for a chance to win a prize!

Thursday, June 4th

For today’s activity, we are featuring this helpful device pictured below. What is it? Give us your best guess! You know the drill – send your guess to vco@sartellmn.com for a chance to win a prize!