Water Main Flushing

Maintenance crews will be doing water main flushing in the City of Sartell beginning April 12th.  This is needed as maintenance to our water mains and is done twice a year.  If you see water flushing from a hydrant, the crews are in the area and monitoring that location.  Please check for water discoloration prior to doing any laundry and if necessary run a faucet until your water clears up. 

If you have any questions, you can contact the water department directly at 320-258-7373.

How to Create a MyGov Account

We want the transition to MyGov for permitting, including compost permits, to be as easy as possible. We understand there may be some bumps in the road but we are here to help! Please use all of the resources available to create an account (one time!) for all of your permitting needs. Click on the Get Started link below to route to the MyGov page. The video tutorial and written instructions are there to guide you through the process.

Get started!

Video Tutorial

Written Instructions

Once you have created your account you will be able to submit your request on the MyGov site for compost site permits.

City of Sartell Hires First Full-Time Fire Chief

The City of Sartell is excited to announce Peter Kedrowski as the new Sartell Fire Chief. The City Council approved Peter’s hiring tonight after an interview process that included City leadership as well as the full Sartell Fire Department.  

“Peter’s exceptional leadership qualities and passion for the job make him a great fit as Sartell’s first ever full-time Fire Chief. We’re lucky to have him on our team and can’t wait to see where he takes this department and how he serves the community in the years to come,” says Anna Gruber, Sartell’s City Administrator.   

Peter comes with decades of experience serving on local Fire Departments. Since he was 18, Peter served as a volunteer firefighter in Rice. He then tested and was hired as a full-time firefighter for the St. Cloud Fire Department before earning his rank as Captain 6 years ago. 

“I’m honored to serve in this exciting opportunity in a growing city like Sartell,” Peter says. “The City leadership knows this is a changing environment and understands the needs for this department to evolve. We’re respecting the 100 year history of the department while moving forward.”

Peter will be working with Sartell’s 29 volunteer firefighters and the Sartell Police Department to serve our community in safety and protection. 

Sartell’s current part-time Fire Chief, Jim Sattler, is looking forward to working with Peter to provide a smooth, effective transition for everyone. 

Sartell Public Safety Facility Virtual Open House- Message from the Mayor

Happy New Year Sartell residents, businesses, and friends!

Your Sartell Staff, City Council, and I are excited to share with you a virtual tour of Sartell’s Public Safety Facility, which opened this fall.  The Public Safety Facility (PSF) is home to our Sartell Police, Fire, and Public Works departments.  

The previous buildings had surpassed their useful life and no longer supported the needs of our growing community.

The police station, for instance, was bursting at the seams. The investigative equipment was housed in a makeshift metal storage cabinet, evidence storage was inadequate, and patrol officers were having to share resources because of space constraints.

Similarly, the Fire Department was storing equipment in three different buildings because of the shortage of space. There were also safety and health concerns for the firefighters because the building wasn’t able to meet the current and future space needs which exposed them to greater amounts of carcinogens.

As you watch the video, you’ll see features throughout the new PSF that allow our public safety departments to better serve our community.  

For instance, as you enter the front doors, you will immediately see our new Safe Room. This is the first of its kind in Minnesota and will be a valuable tool in keeping our community members safe in a time of need.  

In support of both our Police and Fire Departments, we built a state-of-the-art fitness room. The physical and mental health of our police and fire departments are imperative to their job duties. Our staff has 24/7 access to this facility and are encouraged to use it as we support their overall wellbeing.  

In the Police Department, you’ll notice we added resources to aid in investigations, and also the ability to add a K-9 to our department in the future.  

In the Fire Department, we created different zones to ensure that we are reducing the exposure to carcinogens as much as possible. We also now have the ability to house all of the equipment under one roof, which provides the community with better response time.

There have been a number of new technology features added to both departments as well. The PSF is set-up to support technology advancements as new technology continues to be a key tool in how these departments serve our community.

The PSF was designed to be a public space, where both residents and visitors feel welcome, while recognizing Sartell’s commitment to Public Safety. We also view this facility as a retention and recruitment tool for our public safety staff. Sartell is focused on attracting and retaining the region’s top Police, Fire, and EMS professionals. We were able to design and build the new facility to support the anticipated needs of our community for the next 30+ years.

We wish we could have had a big celebration and given you each a tour through the facility, but we aren’t able to do that because of COVID. We’re still hoping and planning to have an official celebration this year to welcome you all through the doors.

This project was a long time coming, and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with our community. This public safety facility is an incredible asset to our community, allowing us to better protect and serve both our residents and businesses. 

Watch the virtual open house here 

Talk to you soon –

Ryan Fitzthum

Sartell Mayor