As a reminder, all roofing and siding projects, along with a variety of other house projects, needs a building permit.  As with any project, be sure to check the City’s website or call City Hall if you aren’t sure if the work being completed requires a permit and we will gladly help you figure out if one is needed or not. If you are hiring a contractor to do the work, it is their responsibility to pull the permit but you as the homeowner are responsible for making sure they have done this.   

Before you begin the project, there needs to be a copy of the permit on your front door, a window, or somewhere on the front wall of the house so it can be easily seen from the road.  If there isn’t one posted, you should ask your contractor about it. The building permit is important to you as the homeowner to make sure that you have some protection in case of work that is not completed according to the Minnesota State Building Code.  Without the permit, there’s no record of a project being completed, and it will not be inspected by the city’s building inspectors. This could cause a possible home sale issue down the road and is a potential safety issue.

Please help us to continue keeping this community safe for all its residences. If you have additional questions, please call City Hall to speak to someone on the Building Inspections team: 320-253-2171.