The City of Sartell will hold a public hearing on September 14th, 2020 to consider the adoption of a new zoning map consisting of amendments to parcels in accordance with the map below.

Proposed Map (updated 9.10.2020)

Previous Map

PID Numbers of Affected Parcels


  1. When is the public hearing?
    Monday, September 14th, 2020 at 6 pm at the Sartell Community Center
  2. Can anyone attend?
    YES! Public are welcome! Please wear a mask. It will also be on Facebook Live on our City of Sartell Facebook page.
  3. If I cannot make it but I have comments, who can I contact?
    You can email the City Administrator, Anna Gruber (
  4. Where can I find the current zoning map so I can compare the changes?
  5. Can you summarize some of the changes?
    Removing the R5 PUD Zoning District
    Rezoning any of the R5 PUD Zones to their applicable zoning district (residential, commercial)
    Strategically zoning R3 (multi-family) locations in the City to allow multi-family options, but within close proximity to commercial and other multi-family districts.
    Eliminated zoning districts that we did not use.
  6. What is a R5 PUD?
    A R5 PUD is a zoning district in our zoning ordinances that allows planned unit developments (PUD’s). The purpose of the R5 planned unit development zone is to provide for the development of land projects containing various dwelling types, commercial centers, off-street parking areas, unbuilt lot areas for recreation, and to allow deviation from typical design standards. PUD’s historically provide more flexibility for developers from the standard zoning requirements.
  7. Why is the City doing this?
    You might recall that the City placed a moratorium on R5 PUD’s in Sartell in 2019. What this moratorium meant is that the City could not and did not allow any development in the R5 PUD Zoning Districts until we could strategically develop a zoning plan going forward. The moratorium expires on September 22nd, 2020 and in an effort to allow development in Sartell we need to adopt a new zoning map that eliminates the R5 PUD’s prior to this date. This will assist the City in better guiding development in to the future.
  8. Why is it important to allow development?
    Development in Sartell means diversifying our tax base and in turn creating stability in overall taxes for residents, both from the school and city levies. It is important to allow commercial, residential, and multi-family development to ensure the city is not reliant on only one form of tax base.
  9. Will this mean more apartments?
    With the help of planning professionals and developer/community input, the City approached the multi-family rezones as an opportunity to strategically locate them where they make sense for nearby zoning districts. This will eliminate spot zoning of multi-family units and will allow development near commercial or other multi-family units, creating walkability and a sense of community. This new zoning helps to clarify available locations for multi-family units that would limit bordering residential properties or neighborhoods.
  10. Why do we even allow apartments?
    Healthy and vibrant communities include a wide range of land uses, from residential to multifamily to commercial to industrial. Multifamily housing has long been an important part of the constellation of housing choices for families and individuals in communities. The City continues to work diligently to ensure there is an appropriate balance of land uses in Sartell.
  11. Is there an ability to do an overlay with street names on the map?
    Here is a link to the zoning map with main roads identified.
  12. What do all of these districts stand for?
    R1 = Single Family Residential
    R2 = Two-Family Residential
    R3 = Multi-Family Residential
    RR = Rural Residential
    I1 = Light Industrial
    I2 = Heavy Industrial
    B2 = General Business
    B3 = Medical/Professional
  13. Where is downtown Sartell?
    We designed Pinecone to be a thoroughfare of commercial development in Sartell. Although Sartell does not have an identified, singular downtown, we are hopeful that we can encourage commercial development along Pinecone and continue to embrace the multiple commercial districts and business hubs that Sartell exists under today. Our goal in the future is to hold more “downtown” events in these distributed hubs/business districts to assist in building a sense of community and culture.