The City of Sartell encourages and welcomes its residents and businesses to participate in City Council meetings. To create an opportunity for residents, businesses, and visitors to offer constructive feedback, the Council has provided an Open Forum section on every City Council Meeting Agenda.

To provide structure and order over the meetings, as well as to ensure the meetings are productive, the City Council has approved City Council Meeting Policies.  Some of the content of the policies are policies for City Council meetings set by the State of Minnesota or Federal Government, while some are general Council Agenda terminology or specific to the City of Sartell’s needs, as determined by the City Council.  A few helpful tips that we’d like everyone to remember before attending a Sartell City Council meeting:

  • City of Sartell Council Meetings are the second and fourth Monday of every month at 6 pm
  • Council Meetings are always held at the Sartell City Hall (125 Pinecone Road North), unless otherwise noted in the posting of the City Council Agenda and Packets
  • Agendas and Packets for the City Council Meeting will be posted the Friday prior to the City Council Meeting date
  • Agendas and Packets are available on the City of Sartell website or at the Sartell City Hall
  • City Council Meetings are also available remotely on Facebook Live and Channel 181.  Channel 181 is also replayed the following Wednesday at 9 AM.
  • The first 15 minutes are set aside as Open Forum for the City Council Members to take comment from members of the public:
    • A maximum of five people will receive three minutes each for comments at the podium
    • Individuals may not address the Council regarding a topic that is on the current agenda
    • Individuals may only address the Council regarding the same issue 3 times
    • To sign up to speak you can: call City Hall, visit City Hall before 4:30 PM on the day of the meeting, or arrive by 5:45 PM and sign up at the podium.
    • The Council will not debate, discuss, or formally act on any matter presented during the Open Forum session but can refer the item to City Staff.

Outside of the Open Forum opportunity, the only other item on the agenda that allows for public comment is for a scheduled Public Hearing.  These are formal proceedings that give the public the opportunity to express their concerns or support, ask questions, or provide additional information on a particular matter on the current agenda.  Public Hearings must be scheduled for the agenda in advance of the City Council Meeting and are for specific items, such as special assessments or ordinance approvals.  They are not for open comment on any topic.

  • All individuals offering testimony are required to do so using the podium microphone and must identify themselves by name, address and any business or organization that they represent.
    • Once the public hearing is closed, no further testimony is allowed
    • Council will have dialogue amongst each other after the public hearing is closed
  • Depending on the situation, the hearing may be continued at another date for further testimony. Please find the full list of Council meeting policies here.