The police department has many outreach programs that allow us to work with the community on many levels. We provide this service as best as we can with the use of the patrol officers on the department. The programs provide a needed service to the community to ensure we continue to maintain good relationships and provide safety to the citizens of Sartell.

Alcohol Server Awareness Online Training

We are excited to roll out a new training tool for you and your team that will replace the current alcohol compliance classes we have put on in previous years.

Below you will find the link and steps to complete the Alcohol Server Awareness Online Training
At the end of the training each server will have the opportunity to print out a completion certificate that they will be able to sign, date, and turn in to a supervisor. We will require you to maintain those certificates as a record that all your servers have completed the training. We will also be receiving an email update upon completion for each server who completes the course.

Each server, on or off sale, will be required to complete the course within 90 days of beginning employment per city ordinance 3-2-18 A. Upon receipt of this letter will be the start of those 90 days for current employees to complete the course who have not previously attended one of the trainings.

How to Complete the Training
The Course is free and works best using Google Chrome.

  1. Visit the site
  2. Select ‘Enroll for free’
  3. Complete the create an account questions and select ‘Sign up’
  4. Complete the course
  5. Print the certificate, sign, date, and turn in to your supervisor

Questions can be directed to Brennan Olson at

Child Passenger Safety

The Sartell Police Department offers free car seat checks by appointment, please call (320) 251-8186 to schedule.

Road injuries are the leading cause of preventable deaths and injuries to children in the United States. Correctly installed and used car seats can reduce these deaths and significant injuries. For more information and resources on keeping children safe in vehicles, check out below links for details:

Keeping Children Safe in Vehicles – MN Office of Traffic Safety
Car Seat Safety Tips

The Ultimate Car Seat Guide

The Ultimate Car Seat Guide
Use the Ultimate Car Seat Guide for information on all your car seat needs.

Police Reserves

The Police Reserve program is comprised of volunteers from the community. They assist police officers with calls for service and assist support staff within the police department.

The Police Reserve program provided a very valuable service to the community during special events, parades, athletic events, and youth programs. They provide supplementary assistance in traffic and crowd control, perform administrative tasks and compile traffic study information. The Police Reserves are a non-funded, non-profit organization that exists through their positive energy and commitment to the community.

The Reserve Officers receive training in various aspects of police work including use of force, firearms and defensive tactics. They also receive training in the transporting of prisoners which frees up the patrol officers time.

Applications for the Reserve Officer program are accepted year round and Reserve Officers are added as a vacancy occurs or funding is available. If you would like to apply, download the application here.

Metro Citizens Police Academy

The Metro Citizens Police Academy is an six-week course designed to offer citizens insight into modern-day policing through the classroom and hands-on training conducted by area police officers. Training will involved a variety of topics such as laws, ethics, investigations, firearms, emergency driving and much more!

We hope citizens will enjoy this learning experience and use this opportunity to share with us their ideas, information and opinions on how to improve the quality of life in our community. The area officers look forward to working with and getting to know citizens who live in the communities they serve. We hope the graduates of the Metro Citizens Police Academy will take their knowledge into the community and educate others when the opportunity arises, thereby helping to keep Sartell a great place to live and work. The first class held in 2003 was a great success and those students have since formed a Metro Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association.

The course begins the first week in September every year. It will be held at the local police Departments, from 6p-9p and will continue each Thursday through the end of the 6 weeks. If you are a Sartell resident and would like to apply to the Metro Citizens Police Academy, please contact Deputy Chief Wayne Schreiner at (320) 251-8186.

You may also pick up an application in our lobby between 7:30am and 4:00 pm M-F, or print the below application pages and mail/email back to us at Sartell Police Department; Attention MCPA, 501 Pinecone Rd. S., Sartell, MN 56377 or email

Download Application

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Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

The Crime Free Program is a partnership between the Sartell Police Department, the owners and managers of a particular property and the residents to keep drugs and other illegal activity out of our community.

If you would like to participate in the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program or have questions about the program, please contact Officer Katie Wild at (320) 258-7347 or e-mail

There are 3 phases to the program to become fully certified and receive a reduction in rental license fees.

Phase 1
Attendance at and successful completion of the Management Training components which will be shown by demonstrating an understanding of each of the following subject matter:

(a) The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program and ordinance.
(b) Rental applications and housing discrimination.
(c) Screening and background checks.
(d) Lease and lease addendums.
(e) Unlawful detainer and eviction.
(f) Manager/Owner policies and roles.
(g) Data privacy.
(h) Narcotics and gangs.
(i) Rental housing.

Phase 2
Compliance with environmental crime prevention requirements by owners for their rental properties that are located within the corporate limits of the City of Sartell or in the case of a property manager, for all rental properties located within the corporate limits of the City of Sartell that are managed by that property manager. Compliance will be indicated by completion of the following requirements:

(a) Single cylinder deadbolt locks installed in each enrty door for each dwelling unit.
(b) High security strike plate with 3-inch screws installed on each wooden entry door frame for each dwelling unit.
(c) Door viewer – 180° peephole installed in the primary entry door for each dwelling unit
(d) Anti-lift/slide device installed on all windows and sliding glass doors.
(e) Security lighting adequate to illuminate exterior grounds.
(f) Landscaping in a manner that provides for visual sight lines.
(g) Visible address numbering installed.
(h) Compliance with all Fire and Building Code requirements.

Phase 3
Include, implement and enforce, as part of all written leases, the lease addendum for Crime Free/Drug Free Housing, provided by the Sartell Police Department and at least once every 12 months make available, in cooperation with the Sartell Police Department, training for tenants in respect to the following subject areas:

(a) The Crime Free Multi-Housing program together with the concept of partnerships and sharing responsibilities.
(b) Crime concerns and prevention awareness techniques.
(c) Application of Neighborhood Watch program/principles.

To view rental rules in Sartell: Full Rental Code Ordinance

Youth Activities

The Sartell Police Department recog­nizes that we need to be more than law enforcement officers; we need to be peace officers. Working with youth, and teaching social responsibilities, helps us fulfill this role. The Sartell Police Department is truly committed to these educational process and providing positive alternatives for our youth.

Police Activities League (PAL)

The program is held from June through the July yearly on Monday and Wednesday nights at Val Smith Park. It is for ages 5-15 and offers a variety of activities. Participate in relay races, kickball, water games, dodge-ball, arts and crafts and much more. Join us the first night for an OPEN HOUSE where food and entertainment will be provided! There is no cost for the activities and prizes will be awarded! FREE Sartell PAL t-shirts will be awarded to each participant after they have attended their fifth activity night. Come join your friends and the Sartell Police Officers for this program.

The program allows interaction among the police officers working the event and the youth that attend. It allows the youth to see the officers, who are out of uniform, as a person and which allows the building of better relationships. Each night the average attendance is around 120.

Bike Rodeo

Sartell police officers will be on hand along with others to complete bike inspections to ensure the bicycles are safe and run the children through a bike operation course. A limited number of helmets will be available for those children that do not have one or the officers find that it fits improperly or is unsafe.

If you have any questions about the Sartell Police Department’s Youth Programs, please contact the Sartell Police Department at (320) 251-8186.

Seniors And Law Enforcement Together (SALT)

On the 3rd Wednesday of the month in the police department training room the police chief meets with senior citizens to discuss public safety issues. Seniors provide a different view of public safety issues that may not be noticed by most.

At times special speakers present not only on crime related concerns, but also on what is happening within the community on various levels. The SALT committee has been instrumental in the following areas: increased lighting near Perkins, Metro Bus coming to the city, Cookout with Cops, Coffee and Conversation, Senior Shred Day and the lighted warning crosswalk on 1st St NE to name a few. Notes are completed after each meeting with what was discussed and are sent to the committee members.

If you are interested in more information about the SALT program, please contact Chief Jim Hughes at 320-251-8186.

Coffee and Conversation

This began in 2008 when the police chief spoke with the Seniors And Law enforcement Together (SALT) committee about the pockets of seniors within the community, many of whom didn’t know the others existed. The committee said that seniors have no place to meet within the community to talk. After moving to several different locations, the group now meets every Thursday at 9:00 am in the Senior Center located in the Sartell Community Center. Although one Thursday a month is generally kept open for just conversation, the other days are filled with guest speakers who speak about a variety of topics. The police chief or a designee will often times attend the gatherings to answer questions the seniors may have or provide an update on activity.