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Final Assessment Hearing Celebration

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Ditch 50
Celebration Alley and Drainage improvements
City Hall Parking Lot Overlay
SRTS and Street & Utility Improvements
Sauk River Park Pedestrian Bridge

East side reconstruction


Schedule and Access Updates: Below is the TENTATIVE project schedule. Note that weather and other construction factors may alter this schedule.

Highview Drive – Utilities are completed. The contractor will start road construction next week with curb & gutter, pavement and restorations to follow.

Scott Drive – Utilities are completed. The contractor was able to get gravel on a portion of the road, they will complete gravel on the rest of the road next week. Curb & gutter, pavement and restorations will follow.

3rd Street NE –Water and sewer are installed. The contractor will complete the remaining storm sewer next week followed by road construction..

8th Street (East of 2nd Ave) & 3rd Avenue NE (North of 8th Street NE) – Concrete continues to be installed today. Please note that you will not be able access your driveway for 5-7 days after concrete has been installed. Driveway restoration and paving will be completed in the coming weeks.

Alley between Benton Dr. & 2nd Ave and 7th Street & 9th Street. – A portion of the gravel has been placed. The contractor will continue to install and grade gravel next week.

4th Street NE, 5th Street, 6th Street, 7th Street NE, 8th Street NE, & 3rd Ave NE (east of 2nd Ave NE)   – Utilities, curb & gutter and paving is complete. YEAH! The contractor will continue to work on driveway restorations, turf restorations, and other touch up items.

Mail Boxes
The contractor will start to re-install mailboxes as turf restorations are completed, starting along 2nd Avenue NE. The locations will be staked prior to installation.

·        The contractor will be installing new swing away post and your existing mailbox. After construction is completed, if you want to switch your mailbox post to something other than the City standard, you may do so, however please note that you will be solely responsible for the mailbox moving forward, even if damaged by a snow plow, etc.

·        The plan is to install the existing mailboxes that were taken down on new City standard break away posts. If you would like to purchase a new mailbox, please have it ready and place it at the staked location. Pictured below is the standard mailbox that will fit on the new posts. If you have any questions about mailbox installations please contact Brent with C&L Excavating a call at 320.363.1221.

Water Meters
As part of the East Side project, the City is replacing all water meters to accommodate remote reading. These upgrades will NOT be charged to the property owners and will take place this fall. The meter replacement contractor, Ferguson, will be reaching out to you to schedule meter replacement. Keep your eyes open for a letter from Ferguson.

Project Contact Information:
Troy Anderson (320-237-5884) is SEH’s Project Representative, will be onsite during construction to observe project progress. He is the fastest link to problem solving because he communicates directly with everyone on the construction team. If you are unable to reach Troy in the field, please contact April Ryan at the SEH office. 320.229.4329
Brent Lahr is C & L’s contact during construction for this project. Brent can be reached at 320.363.1221


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