City Projects

Ditch 50
Celebration Alley and Drainage improvements
City Hall Parking Lot Overlay
SRTS and Street & Utility Improvements
Sauk River Park Pedestrian Bridge

East side reconstruction


Schedule and Access Updates (note changes due to rain this week)
Below is the TENTATIVE project schedule. Note that weather and other construction factors may alter this schedule.

2nd Avenue NE and 4th & 5th Streets between Benton Drive and 2nd Avenue – Curb & Gutter and paving is complete. The contractor will continue to restore driveways and boulevards over the next couple of weeks

2nd Street NE & 4th Avenue NE – Class 5 has been installed. Curb & gutter is tentatively planned for Wednesday (7/17). Paving is tentatively planned for next week Wednesday (7/24).

6th Street NE, 5th Street NE, One block of 7th Street NE, 3rd Avenue NE between 5th Street and 7th Street – The contractor will continue to install utilities along 6th Street NE this week. After 6th Street utilities are completed, they will start on 3rd Avenue NE and 5th Street NE.  ** Please note that you should expect partial lane closures, uneven pavement, slowed traffic and periods of limited or no access. Residents will be notified when short access disruptions are needed **

Water Connections
Temporary water has/will be provided when needed. The water connections are phased with the intent of keep water access to all residents. If you experience a water outage please contact Brent with C&L Excavating at 320.363.1221. If you are unable to reach Brent you can also try Troy, our onsite inspector, at 320-237-5884, or myself.

Other Notes/Reminders:
·        Private utility companies (gas, cable television, telephone, and electric) continue to relocate existing lines. Please note that although we coordinate with private utility companies, the General Contractor does not direct their construction.
·        There will be some deep utility trench construction and, of course, heavy machinery operating on the construction site. Heavy equipment and construction in progress can be strong attractions to everyone, however staying away from construction areas will help keep everyone safe. Please do not go near pipe and construction material storage areas.
·        Barricade and traffic control signs may be installed throughout the project area to protect motorists and construction workers during construction. Please pay careful attention to the warning signs!
·        The plan is to keep roads open to traffic during most of the construction. However, you should expect partial lane closures, uneven pavement, and slowed traffic.
·        Please do not remove any wooden stakes you will see temporarily placed on the boulevards. These stakes are used by the Contractor to construct the project and are expensive to replace.

Project Contact Information:
Troy Anderson (320-237-5884) is SEH’s Project Representative, will be onsite during construction to observe project progress. He is the fastest link to problem solving because he communicates directly with everyone on the construction team. If you are unable to reach Troy in the field, please contact April Ryan at the SEH office. 320.229.4329
Brent Lahr is C & L’s contact during construction for this project. Brent can be reached at 320.363.1221


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