Emergency Management (EM) is based on the concept of local disaster management supported by higher levels of Government to include County, State and Federal assistance when needed.

EM recognizes that disasters are cyclic through phases. Those phases include preparing for disasters through training, exercises, planning, and public education to name a few preparedness activities. If disaster occurs, responding to the event and managing the immediate effects on the community. After the emergency phase has passed, often even during, recovery begins, the task of returning a community to the pre-disaster state that may take years. Reducing or eliminating impacts of hazards is a constant goal of EM though mitigation programs. A new phase of prevention and/or protection has taken a more prominent role in the U.S. after September 11, 2001. From terrorism to disease outbreaks, prevention can involve intelligence, surveillance and detection, and even vaccinations.

The job of Emergency Management is to improve the outcome of a disaster. These outcomes can be measured in lives saved, fewer injuries, reduced damages, decreased disruptions, shorter recovery time, to name a few. If we do not improve the outcome of a disaster, then we have failed.

Citizen Alert Notification

If you live in the Sartell and would like to sign up to receive notices about severe weather, flooding and public health emergencies, visit the Stearns County Emergency Services website. Once you are there, click the box that reads Citizen Alert Notification Sign Up. If you are having difficulty signing up through the link, you can call (320) 259-3940 to sign up as well.


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