The City Administrator of Sartell ensures that the City Council’s policy direction is implemented. City Administration works to make sure the City’s methods of public service delivery are efficient and cost-effective.

The City Council is tasked with hiring the City Administrator and holds him or her accountable to oversee the day-to-day operations of the city.

The Finance Department is tasked with safeguarding the City’s assets and providing our customers with accurate, meaningful, and timely financial information to make sound fiscal decisions.

Financial Documents


Anna Gruber

City Administrator

(320) 258-7306 | Email Anna

Nikki Sweeter

Engagement Director

(320) 258-7309 | Email Nikki

Kya Binsfeld 2

Kya Binsfeld

Administrative Specialist

(320) 258-7302 | Email Kya

Rob 3

Rob Voshell

Finance Director

(320) 258-7318 | Email Rob

Kari Hommerding

Kari Hommerding

Assistant Finance Director

(320) 258-7303 | Email Kari


Megan Theisen

Deputy Clerk

(320) 258-7301 | Email Megan