City of Sartell following the DNR’s Lead and Encouraging Residents and Businesses to Take Additional Precautions During Drought


With more than 50% of Minnesota experiencing severe drought conditions and some areas experiencing an extreme drought, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MNDNR) has determined that the state is now in a drought warning phase. With this designation, the City of Sartell is following the recommendations and will listen to guidance from the DNR throughout the remainder of this drought.

To avoid a complete water ban and to preserve the City’s drinking water supply, as well as ensure fire safety, the City of Sartell is encouraging a temporary 2-day per week maximum irrigation schedule. Please follow the schedule below according to your address:

  • Even house numbers (example: 132 Test Ave.)- water Monday/Thursday from 9 PM to 3 AM for up to one hour
  • Odd house numbers (example: 133 Test Ave.)- water Tuesday/Friday from 9 PM to 3 AM for up to one hour

The DNR is also recommending communities ban any non-essential outdoor water use, especially lawn irrigation, power washing buildings, car washing, and swimming pool filling.

Thank you to those residents who have been following the odd/even irrigation schedule. Due to current conditions, all residents and businesses should take these additional steps to help maintain water levels and avoid extreme restrictions.

Again, this is a Minnesota Department of Natural Resources implementation, and as a partner with the DNR, the City of Sartell is complying with the recommendations. We ask for your full cooperation in the new irrigation schedule to avoid further restrictions or a full water ban.