For Immediate Release: October 10th, 2022

The City of Sartell is excited to announce the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) and Letters of Interest for the City-Owned Pine Ridge Golf Course.  Pine Ridge Golf Course is an 81 acre 9-hole golf course located in the heart of Sartell with an onsite clubhouse and maintenance facilities.  The City Council intends to place a restriction on the deed of the property, requiring it to remain a golf course for no less than 30 years, the longest term legally allowed by a public entity.

The City of Sartell purchased the property in 2008 as an 18-hole golf course.  Since then, the City has split off and developed the northern portion of the property into Central Park Boulevard and the regionally acclaimed Pinecone Central Park.  The remaining 9-hole golf course has been managed by a tenant, which currently holds 10-years on the remaining lease.  As noted above, the intent is for the property to remain a golf course and for the new owners to assume this lease or negotiate termination of the lease.

The City Council is Requesting Qualifications and Letters of Interest that include creative intentions for use, preliminary site plan concepts, and a timeline for completion of a full proposal by November 10th at 12 noon.  The City Council will review RFQ’s and Letters of Interest and invite full proposals from interested parties in late November.  The goal of this redevelopment opportunity is for the City to partner with an interested owner who will build off the foundational success of the current Pine Ridge Golf Course and add additional amenities and enhancements that are outside the scope of City operations. 

The City Council is excited to see the proposed options and bring new amenities to life in Sartell!

For further information on the RFQ Process, Property Specifics, Lease Agreements, or Site Requirements, please reach out to Anna Gruber at