City of Sartell to Implement Further Watering Restrictions in Order to Abide by DNR’s Water Use Threshold

The City of Sartell is continuing to follow guidance from the MN DNR through the drought warning currently in place.

After implementing the two-day per week watering restrictions three weeks ago, the City of Sartell has not seen significant improvements in the water levels. The graph below shows the City’s water use over the last two weeks and the grey line indicates the requirements needed to meet the DNR standards. Currently, the City is not close to meeting the DNR’s threshold. Therefore, the Sartell City Council voted to further its watering restrictions and are asking residents and businesses to water once per week starting immediately. Please follow the schedule and other precautions laid out below:

  • Follow the lawn irrigation schedule:
    • Even house numbers (Example, 132 Test St.) please limit using lawn irrigation systems on TUESDAYS ONLY from 8 PM to 12 AM for up to 2 hours
    • Odd house numbers (Example, 133 Test St.) please limit using lawn irrigation systems on THURSDAYS ONLY from 8 PM to 12 AM for up to 2 hours
  • The City of Sartell is asking residents and businesses to avoid any non-essential outdoor water use:
    • power washing buildings
    • car washing
    • swimming pool filling
  • The Splash Pad at Watab Park will continue to have the limited days and hours of Saturday and Sunday from 11 AM- 6 PM until further notice.

These restrictions only pertain to City water supply- sand points, ponds, wells, or other non-city water supply sources do not need to abide by the ban, although it is highly encouraged.

Residents and businesses can apply for a watering exemption for newly sodded lawns at City Hall. All applications will be sent to the Public Works Director for final inspection and approval. Please allow 48 hours for the exemption to be delivered to your residence.

Again, this is a MN DNR implementation, and as the City of Sartell, we are complying with the recommendations. We ask for your full cooperation with the watering restrictions in place. The City will be following the guidelines of the DNR and will keep the restrictions in place until the DNR suggests it can be lifted. 

For questions please contact John Kothenbeutel at