For Immediate Release: September 14, 2021

The Sartell City Council has voted to lift the full water ban, effective immediately. The odd/even watering schedule is always in effect and property owners will be cited for non-compliance.

Property owners can begin to run irrigation systems, power wash, and wash cars, but please abide by the odd/even watering schedule. For example, if the house number is 132 Test St., it should water on an even calendar day, i.e. September 24th. If the house number is 133 Test St., it should water on an odd calendar day, i.e. September 25th.

We ask all residents to please be mindful that the City of Sartell is still categorized as being in a “severe drought” by the DNR. Only water when necessary and on your designated day for the remainder of the season. Thank you for your cooperation!

For questions, please contact the Public Works Director, John Kothenbeutel: