City of Sartell Partners with Tom Bearson Foundation to bring New Amenity to Pinecone Central Park

For Immediate Release: April 26, 2022

After several years of planning, it is with immense excitement the City of Sartell announces a partnership with the Tom Bearson Foundation to bring a new amenity to Pinecone Central Park, in memory of Tom Bearson, a Sartell High School graduate who unexpectedly passed away in 2014 while attending North Dakota State University.

This partnership will bring to Pinecone Central Park three full-size basketball sport courts, six basketball hoops, seating, landscaping, and a welcoming place for park users to enjoy basketball – Tom Bearson’s favorite past-time sport. One of the six basketball hoops installed will be Tom Bearson’s own hoop from his Sartell residence, which he used often throughout his childhood. Construction will begin this summer with the basketball sport court installation and will continue in phases over the next few years by adding seating and additional landscaping.

The Tom Bearson Foundation is dedicated to keeping Tom Bearson’s memory alive by providing funds for a variety of charitable community initiatives, including: several local scholarships, high school and youth basketball, personal safety programs and presentations, and now, bringing a new amenity to an already bustling hometown park. The Tom Bearson Foundation has committed $150,000 to this project.

The City of Sartell is honored to support the Foundation in keeping Tom’s memory alive by maintaining and growing the amenity for years to come.

In conjunction with this project, Pinecone Central Park will be receiving an additional parking lot on the south end of the property that will be used as a skating rink in the winter months. There will also be two playground structures placed on each side of the concessions building, which will be home to Mr. Twisty’s this summer. 

Check out the April 25th Council meeting, from minutes 9 to 26, to see the complete presentation by the Tom Bearson Foundation. The Tom Bearson Foundation has also created a video to show the vision for the basketball courts and surrounding areas and we encourage you to view that as well.

For more information on the project, please contact the City of Sartell at 320-253-2171 or the Engagement Director, Nikki Sweeter, at

Sartell Regional Parks Impacted by Reconstruction of County Rd. 1 to Temporarily Close in 2022

The Sartell City Council has elected to phase temporary closures of Regional Parks impacted by the reconstruction of County Road 1 and lift station #2 in 2022.

Watab Park to close April 18th to November 30th: Construction for the project will impact the entrance and parking lot of the park, making it unsafe for resident or visitor use of the park space or amenities.

Linear Park to close April 18th to November 30th: This park will be impacted by every phase of construction. By closing this park, it will limit safety liability and allow the planned park improvements to be made.

Veterans Park to close June 1st to November 30th: The Memorial Day service will still happen at the park on May 30th. By closing the park, it will limit safety liability and allow the planned park improvements to be made.

Rotary Park to close August 1st to November 30th: Lift Station #2 is located in the center of this park and will be undergoing improvements this summer. The fishing pier will still be available to use until the end of July. By closing the park, it will limit safety liability and allow for the lift station improvements to be constructed. 

Police will be monitoring the parks for trespassers throughout the closed timeframe. Thank you for staying off of these properties to allow for a safe and efficient construction season.

The County Road 1 Road Reconstruct project will include an 8-foot-wide paved trail from Sartell Street to 12th Street North, multiple overlooks of the Mississippi River, a “new” pedestrian bridge, a facelift to Veterans Park, reconstruction of the parking lot at Watab Park, and safety measures throughout the entirety of the project. 

Construction will begin this spring and will be substantially completed late in 2022 with final paving to take place in spring 2023. Detour information will be provided soon. If you have any questions about the project, please email us at

Jim Sattler to Retire from Sartell Fire Department after 33 years of service

Thank you Deputy Fire Chief, Sattler!

The Sartell City Council has accepted Deputy Fire Chief Jim Sattler’s resignation from the Sartell Fire Department, effective immediately.

Jim started his career in 1988 and has held every position on the fire department from firefighter to Fire Chief. He spent over six years as the volunteer Fire Chief and over twenty years as a Chief Officer.

Jim was an integral part of the transition from a volunteer Fire Chief to the department’s first full-time Fire Chief. The City of Sartell hired Peter Kedrowski last spring as the full-time Fire Chief and Sattler moved into the Deputy Chief role. The Sartell City Council and City Staff would like to extend a sincere appreciation to Jim for his dedication to the Sartell Fire Department and the safety of our community over the past 33 years.

Chief Kedrowski wanted to express his gratitude to Jim as well, “I am extremely thankful for the hard work that Jim put in as Fire Chief, setting the stage for continued success for the Fire Department and myself. He will be missed.”

City of Sartell to Upgrade Water Meters Inside of Homes

Historically, the City of Sartell has required property owners to read their own water meters and manually submit readings to determine usage and utility bills. With the new water meters, the City of Sartell’s Utility Department can read water meters electronically from the road, instead of relying on property owners to manually read their water meters. This will provide real time information for water use, less manual requirements of property owners, and improve property owners’ ability to use water sustainably. 

The City of Sartell is in the process of upgrading water meters inside of some homes from manual read water meters to automatically read electronic water meters. The process will begin in January, 2022 and conclude by, approximately, the end of April, 2022.

If a property owner has not read their water meter and has not provided manual readings to City staff, the City has had to estimate usage and bill accordingly. These estimates may be higher or lower than the actual usage and are purely estimates.  When the new water meters are installed, an actual meter read will be taken and it could create a “true-up” amount due to the estimates being imprecise.  For those that have estimated meter readings and subsequent “true-up” charges, City staff are prepared to help with payment plans and flexibility.

The City of Sartell has partnered with Ferguson Waterworks to do all scheduling and installation of the new water meters. Impacted property owners will receive a letter in the mail providing information for scheduling the installation and are asked to be prompt in responding to the letter.

Below are commonly asked questions and answers for the water meter upgrade process. If you have additional questions, please reach out to City Hall (320-258-7301).

FAQ Automatic Water Meters Upgrades

Will everyone in Sartell receive an automatic water meter?

Yes, but some property owners may already have the upgraded water meter. If you do not receive a letter from the City of Sartell regarding a water meter changeout, your meter is already being radio read.  This may include: most houses on the East Side of Sartell, most houses built within the last few years, and any other resident who were notified already in June of 2021 that we have begun reading your water meter for you. If you misplaced the letter you received, please contact Ferguson Waterworks: or 844-660-0368.

When will I receive my new water meter?

The new water meters will be installed from approximately January-June 2022.  Property owners will receive a letter in the mail from the city of Sartell providing information on how to schedule your appointment for replacement. Owners that may be relocated for the winter, can contact Ferguson when they get the letter to let them know when they will be back in their homes to schedule the replacement. Ferguson Waterworks can be reached at or 844-660-0368.

Will it cost me money to replace my water meter?

There is no cost for the replacement, and you ARE required to have your water meter replaced.

How do I schedule a time to replace my water meter?

The City has partnered with Ferguson Waterworks to complete the installation. You will receive a letter from the City of Sartell to have your water meter replaced. Once you receive that letter, please call or visit the website given to schedule your appointment: or 844-660-0368.

Do I have to manually read the new water meter?

Once new water meters are installed, meters will be read automatically by City of Sartell. This will provide more appropriate meter readings, as well as less manual requirements of property owners.

What if I have not been reading my old meter?

If a property owner has not read their water meter and have not provided readings to City staff, the City has been having to estimate usage and bills. These estimates may be higher or lower than the actual usage, so when the new water meters are installed, an actual meter read will be taken and it could create a “true-up” or “true-down” amount due or credit to the last estimated bill.

What if I have a high water bill from my old meter being estimated too low?

For those that have estimated meter readings and subsequent “true-up” charges, City staff are prepared to help with payment plans and flexibility. Please call City Hall 320-253-2171 to discuss options. The opposite could also be true, and an actual meter read could result in a credit on a property owner’s account if the usage was being estimated too high.

How do I know it is safe to have a Ferguson Waterworks installer inside my home?

Ferguson Waterworks was selected based on their experience as a meter installation contractor.  All installers will have identification, wear uniforms, travel in marked vehicles and have completed background checks.  Covid protocol will be in place for each installer.

What can I expect from the installation process?

To install the new water meter:

  • Ferguson Waterworks will need access to the current water meter inside your home.
  • The water meter area should be clear and accessible.
  • An adult 18 years old or older must be present at the time of installation.
  • A two-hour block of time will be scheduled.  The installer will complete the water meter installation work within the two-hour time frame. The actual installation should take approximately one hour.

NEW & IMPROVED- City of Sartell Council Meeting Policies

The City of Sartell encourages and welcomes its residents and businesses to participate in City Council meetings. To create an opportunity for residents, businesses, and visitors to offer constructive feedback, the Council has provided an Open Forum section on every City Council Meeting Agenda.

To provide structure and order over the meetings, as well as to ensure the meetings are productive, the City Council has approved City Council Meeting Policies.  Some of the content of the policies are policies for City Council meetings set by the State of Minnesota or Federal Government, while some are general Council Agenda terminology or specific to the City of Sartell’s needs, as determined by the City Council.  A few helpful tips that we’d like everyone to remember before attending a Sartell City Council meeting:

  • City of Sartell Council Meetings are the second and fourth Monday of every month at 6 pm
  • Council Meetings are always held at the Sartell City Hall (125 Pinecone Road North), unless otherwise noted in the posting of the City Council Agenda and Packets
  • Agendas and Packets for the City Council Meeting will be posted the Friday prior to the City Council Meeting date
  • Agendas and Packets are available on the City of Sartell website or at the Sartell City Hall
  • City Council Meetings are also available remotely on Facebook Live and Channel 181.  Channel 181 is also replayed the following Wednesday at 9 AM.
  • The first 15 minutes are set aside as Open Forum for the City Council Members to take comment from members of the public:
    • A maximum of five people will receive three minutes each for comments at the podium
    • Individuals may not address the Council regarding a topic that is on the current agenda
    • Individuals may only address the Council regarding the same issue 3 times
    • To sign up to speak you can: call City Hall, visit City Hall before 4:30 PM on the day of the meeting, or arrive by 5:45 PM and sign up at the podium.
    • The Council will not debate, discuss, or formally act on any matter presented during the Open Forum session but can refer the item to City Staff.

Outside of the Open Forum opportunity, the only other item on the agenda that allows for public comment is for a scheduled Public Hearing.  These are formal proceedings that give the public the opportunity to express their concerns or support, ask questions, or provide additional information on a particular matter on the current agenda.  Public Hearings must be scheduled for the agenda in advance of the City Council Meeting and are for specific items, such as special assessments or ordinance approvals.  They are not for open comment on any topic.

  • All individuals offering testimony are required to do so using the podium microphone and must identify themselves by name, address and any business or organization that they represent.
    • Once the public hearing is closed, no further testimony is allowed
    • Council will have dialogue amongst each other after the public hearing is closed
  • Depending on the situation, the hearing may be continued at another date for further testimony. Please find the full list of Council meeting policies here.

How to Create a MyGov Account

We want the transition to MyGov for permitting, including compost permits, to be as easy as possible. We understand there may be some bumps in the road but we are here to help! Please use all of the resources available to create an account (one time!) for all of your permitting needs. Click on the Get Started link below to route to the MyGov page. The video tutorial and written instructions are there to guide you through the process.

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Once you have created your account you will be able to submit your request on the MyGov site for compost site permits.