Available for rental to Sartell residents, the Community Gardens is a great way to enjoy fresh foods, fragrant flowers even if you don’t have a garden on your property.

There are two community garden locations in Sartell. The first is Northridge Community Garden located near Oak Ridge Elementary. Larger of the two, there are 88 available plots at Northridge. The second community garden in Sartell is East Side Garden, located by the East Side Sartell Water Plant. There are 10 plots available at the East Side Garden.

The lots in each garden are 20’ x 20’ and are open from mid-May until mid-October.

Cost is just $25.00 a year and includes land tilling in the spring and fall, compost site drop, a storage shed that houses tools available for use, and water.


Dennis Molitor:
(320) 252-7055