In keeping with the mission of the City of Sartell and in order to not be exclusionary to any of the local user groups, facility rentals are priced using a two-tier system defined by two rental categories Residents and Non-Residents. All fees are subject to tax.

Residents: Sartell Youth Associations, Sartell-St. Stephen School District Sanctioned activities, businesses located in the City of Sartell, Residents from the City of Sartell and Sartell-St. Stephen School District, and non-profit organizations*.

Non-Residents: Businesses located outside of the City of Sartell and non-resident private parties.

*All non-profit organizations must provide proof of current non-profit status including a recent copy of the IRS Form 990 and/or Certificate of Tax Exemption.

All rentals are subject to a 2-hour minimum.

Rental Room Residents Non-Residents
2 Hour Minimum
Gymnasiums priced per court $27.50/hour $32.50/hour
Liberty Bank Suites 1&2 $40/hour $50/hour
Liberty Bank Suite 1 $20/hour $25/hour
Liberty Bank Suite 2 $25/hour $30/hour
Commercial Kitchen* $25/hour $25/hour

American Heritage

Maker Space

$20/hour $25/hour
Party Room $15/hour $20/hour
St. Cloud Orthopedics KidZone $25/hour $30/hour

* Commercial Kitchen use is for catered events only. The Sartell Community Center does not allow kitchen use for non-catered private events.

  • For tournaments and sporting events, chairs, score clocks and tables are available. A 2-hour set-up and 2-hour take down time may be attached to your event rental.
  • For large events or parties held in the gymnasiums, the user must rent tables, chairs, pipe and drape, stage, etc. from an event rental provider. The SCC will not have tables and chairs available to use in the gymnasiums for such events.
  • For large events, parties, and tournaments, event staff may be assigned. There is a $25/hour charge for each staff assigned.
  • A Hospitality Fee will be assessed to those groups who choose to bring food into the Center.
    • 1-15 people $15
    • 16-30 people $37.50
    • 31-45 people $67.50
    • 46-60 people $90
    • 61-75 people $112.50
    • Over 75 will be assessed based on number of attendees

    Potlucks are allowed for parties of 50 or less. No kitchen available. A Hospitality Fee will be added to your room rental.