Sartell Announces a Flat Property Tax Rate for 2022

The City of Sartell is proud to announce a flat property tax rate for 2022. City Council and City staff made a flat tax rate a top priority for our property owners and have worked hard budgeting to make it happen.

Property taxes encompass three parts: City Tax, School Tax, and County Tax. The City of Sartell is keeping the City tax portion at a flat rate. Historically, the City of Sartell has kept its portion of taxes lower than most of the surrounding cities and will continue to do that for 2022. City property tax is used for services such as: streets, police and fire services, parks, snowplowing, community center amenities, disability access, and more.

If a property’s market value has increased, property owners will see an increase in taxes in the City Tax portion. The City does not control the market value of a property- that is done at the County level by local assessors. Valuation notices from the County are typically sent out in the spring for the following year. Please reach out to your county assessor with any questions on the valuation of your property.

Please note, proposed tax statements from the county will be coming out in November.

For questions on City of Sartell Property taxes please reach out to the Finance Director, Rob Voshell:

Pinecone Road North Detour Starting September 23rd

Pinecone Road Detour Starting September 23rd

For Immediate Release: September 20th

There is dirt moving for the new Centrasota Oral Surgeons building off Pinecone Rd. between 7th Street North and 5th Street North. Centrasota Oral Surgeons is hoping to open the doors at its new Sartell location next spring. To get this project going, a detour is necessary to put in the appropriate utilities for the building.

Pinecone Road north will be detoured for northbound traffic from 2nd Street South (near Walgreens) to 12th Street North from Thursday September 23rd through, approximately, October 7th. The southbound lane will remain open with minor lane shifts.

The map below shows the detour from 2nd Street South, to County Road 1, and connecting at 12th Street North for the duration of the project.

If you are traveling to or from Pine Meadow Primary School, please read below:

  • Traffic coming from the North will still be able to access Pine Meadow via 5th Street N (same as normal)
  • Traffic coming from the south will be able to access Pine Meadow via 5th Street N (same as normal)
  • The right out exit onto Pinecone will remain open
  • The intersection of 5th Street N and Pinecone Road will remain open
Northbound Detour Option
Actual Work Zone

If you have questions about the detour, please reach out to the City Engineer, Jon Halter:

City of Sartell Lifts Water Ban, Odd/Even Watering in Effect

For Immediate Release: September 14, 2021

The Sartell City Council has voted to lift the full water ban, effective immediately. The odd/even watering schedule is always in effect and property owners will be cited for non-compliance.

Property owners can begin to run irrigation systems, power wash, and wash cars, but please abide by the odd/even watering schedule. For example, if the house number is 132 Test St., it should water on an even calendar day, i.e. September 24th. If the house number is 133 Test St., it should water on an odd calendar day, i.e. September 25th.

We ask all residents to please be mindful that the City of Sartell is still categorized as being in a “severe drought” by the DNR. Only water when necessary and on your designated day for the remainder of the season. Thank you for your cooperation!

For questions, please contact the Public Works Director, John Kothenbeutel:

City of Sartell Welcomes Second Mr. Twisty location to Pinecone Central Park

For Immediate Release: September 13, 2021

The City of Sartell is excited to announce the leasing of the Pinecone Central Park concession stand to Mr. Twisty. The lease will begin spring of 2022 and will be a ten-year lease.

Mr. Twisty is planning on having a fully operational second location featuring hamburgers, chicken strips, hot dogs, french fries, and of course, ice cream. It plans on being open from the beginning of May to the end of September, depending on weather, 7 days per week.

Mr. Twisty will function as the concession stand during events and activities held at Pinecone Central Park. It will provide many of the same menu items, plus some additional items, and extended hours during these special events.

For more information on Mr. Twisty, please follow them on Facebook or visit the website here:

For further information on the agreement, please reach out to Nikki Sweeter:

City of Sartell Prepares Residents for Post-Storm Options and Proper Permitting

For immediate release: September 1, 2021

With the recent bad weather, if you are replacing roof, siding, exterior doors, or windows make sure you get the proper permits from the City of Sartell. To be more efficient during a likely busy time, the permitting process for roof, siding, exterior doors, and window permits (only) has been adjusted:

  1. Check with your licensed contractor to confirm who will be applying for the necessary permits
  2. Come into City Hall, visit our website, OR email to receive an application form
  3. Fill out a paper permit application or, if you already have an account set up, an application on MyGov
  4. After the application is complete, bring paperwork into City Hall- roof, siding, exterior doors, or windows are all “over-the-counter” approvals, so permits will be approved or denied immediately. Permits are $71 for each service requested.

When you apply for a building permit you will also need inspections so make sure to get those scheduled, too, by calling City Hall or emailing

Make sure you are using a licensed contractor for any work done on your house. Use the following link as a resource. Only licensed contractors or homeowners are allowed to apply for Building permits.

After the storm, solicitors are also likely traveling around neighborhoods. Make sure to protect yourself and your neighbors by asking if they have a permit to solicit in town. It never hurts to ask and double check by calling City Hall or the Sartell Police Department.

Find the permit application here. For other great tips and tricks on hiring a licensed contractor, please read this WJON article.

If you have other questions or want to start the process of getting a permit from weather damage, please contact the Inspections Department at the City of Sartell: