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Sartell City Facilities Public Access Closure

The City of Sartell has closed public access to City facilities until further notice.  This includes City Hall and the Community Center.

Essential public safety services will continue and our public safety personnel will follow their own set of protocol for responses.  City Hall employees will continue to serve the public via phone or email and we can assist in various purchases or payments being made online or via our City Hall drop box.

It is our goal to react to the COVID-19 events with responsibility but not panic.  Operations will continue and we are simply looking for effective ways to protect our employees and the community while still providing the best service levels possible.


In this time of uncertainty and daily/hourly changing directions and protocols I would like to give you a quick city of Sartell building inspections update as today.

Currently, we are going to continue our inspections and plan reviews as close to normal as possible.  Please reach out to us to set your inspections as usual.  We may ask if you and or your crew are feeling well and practicing social distancing during inspections to the best of our abilities.  If there are illnesses at construction sites, in order to protect our employees and you, we will ask you to re-schedule inspections as needed.  However, inspections still must occur before covering work just as normal.

The City of Sartell has closed public access to City facilities, which includes city hall.  Our staff will continue to serve the public via phone or email and we can assist you with various payments made online or via City Hall drop box.  If you are picking up a permit we will discuss how to obtain that permit on a case by case basis.

We will keep you posted if we are directed to, or staffing issues arise that require us to change this process.

Welcome to Sartell

The City of Sartell sits along the Mississippi River in central Minnesota. Our unique city offers visitors the charm of a small town and a stimulating environment.

The City of Sartell is a booming area of growth and innovation–a fantastic place to start a family, grow a business, or have some fun! It’s our residents that make Sartell a great place to live and we want our residents to be proud to call Sartell their home.